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Sheriff Clarke Forced To Go To Court After Calling A Man A “Snowflake” On Facebook


Sheriff David Clarke is going to appear in court on January 22nd after calling Daniel Black a “snowflake” on facebook. The fight between Clarke and Black first started on an airplane, where Black approached Clarke to express his disgust in the Sheriff.

Then during the flight, Clarke instructed his officers to detain and question Black. “Just a field interview, no arrest unless he becomes an a**hole with your guys. Question for him is why he said anything to me. Why didn’t he just keep his mouth shut?” said Clarke to one officer in a text message.

Black then tried to sue Clarke. Black posted about the incident on facebook. Clarke then commented on the facebook calling him a ‘snowflake.’ ” “Cheer up, snowflake … if Sheriff Clarke were to really harass you, you wouldn’t be around to whine about it,” wrote Clarke jokingly.

Now, Black added a new charge, seeing Clarke’s comment as a threat. Now Clarke will appear in court to dispute this. T”he judge said a jury should decide whether Clarke’s reaction “was the kind of threat or intimidation that amounted to retaliation against Black,” writes USA Today.

Do you think that Sheriff Clarke is innocent or guilty? We have seen so many people associated with President Trump be targeted in ways like this.