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Court Decision is In and Antifa Leader Yvette Felarca Finds Out Her Fate


You may recall the story of Yvette Felarca, the Antifa leader and middle school teacher who likes to punch people on camera. In addition to punching people and getting in trouble with the law for that, she was also causing trouble for those who were trying to call out her actions. But now, karma has come back to bite her.

From Daily Caller:

A California court ordered a prominent Antifa activist and teacher to pay thousands of dollars in damages to a former University of California, Berkeley student, according to a Friday report.

Yvette Felarca, a teacher at Martin Luther King Jr. middle school, must pay $11,000 in damages to Troy Worden, the former president of UC Berkeley College Republicans, reported Campus Reform.

Worden sued Felarca for filing frivolous claims against him to try to stop him from reporting about her actions.

However, the court ruled against her and in favor of Worden, awarding him attorneys fees and damages, proving that perhaps there is still a spot of sanity in the California court system.

“Felarca and her fellow travelers in BAMN [By Any Means Necessary]/Antifa need to learn that the California courts are not their personal plaything to use and abuse at will by filing baseless and vexatious lawsuits,” said Harmeet Dhillon of Dhillon Law, the firm responsible for representing Worden, according to Campus Reform.

Dhillon pointed out that this wasn’t the first time that Felarca tried to employ this tactic, but failed. He noted the court just ruled against her in another matter for “filing legally and factually unsupported claims in court.”

He said that she was misusing the system which was supposed to be for real “victims of harassment/stalking/assault,” not have the system bogged down by phony claims filed in “bad faith” such as Felarca’s.

Here’s a flashback moment in case you don’t remember Felarca. She’s a real prize.

*Warning for graphic language*

Not only has Felarca apparently no inhibitions about using force with Antifa, she’s also even attempted to recruit her middle school students to participate in protests.

What great news! Kudos to Troy Worden for winning and perseverance.

Finally, a little justice.

Now, if only her school were able to fire her not for her political views but for trying to indoctrinate her students, that would really be great.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]