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American Schools Celebrate ‘Islam Week’ – Issue SICK Demand to All Female Students


It is time for education (or is it indoctrination?) at all of our major universities yet again. American colleges are celebrating what is known as “Islam Week,” but it’s going to go way beyond simply bringing awareness.

The Muslim Student Association at the University of Wisconsin is actually demanding that all female students wear hijabs, per Freedom Daily. This is just wrong on so many levels.

First of all, it is immensely degrading to women to force them into a practice they don’t believe in, and it basically treats them like objects. According to Islam, the reason for a hijab is to show modesty for everyone except for a woman’s husband. Seriously, what are they, chattel?

Let’s turn this around, shall we? Let’s make an analogy that even the most out-of-touch liberal will immediately understand.

In the United States, marriages are supposed to be on equal footing. That is because American women are allowed, by the law and their basic rights, independence, and they often very adroitly balance careers with family. Not only that, most women have a desire to look good in public and have the chance to look their best. So, the best analogy is this one:

Making a woman wear a hijab for “modesty” reasons is a lot like an American husband telling his wife she can’t wear makeup out in public. If a well-known person said something like that, such as Donald Trump, can you imagine the outcry?

And where is the outcry for this? Are these Wisconsin college students not aware of the horrific human rights abuses in countries with strict Muslim cultures? Are they aware that women who wear hijabs in these cultures often cannot even open a bank account without their husbands or fathers?

Moreover, these students are apparently not aware of what this hijab symbolizes in some countries. If a woman dares to go out in public without it, there are immediate calls for her to be executed. And believe it or not, it has happened too.

How about the story of Aqsa Parvez, who was choked to death with her own hijab by her father after she refused to wear it? The story of Alya Al-Safar was a fairly sad one as well because her own cousin threatened to kill her when she refused to wear her hijab.

Going back to my makeup analogy, what if a woman’s husband in the United States threatened to kill his wife for wearing makeup? In this country, we would have a name for it. We would call it harassment. The man would be brought up on domestic violence charges. If that husband actually lived up to his threat, it would be murder charges.

Thus, these liberals in Wisconsin who think they are supporting diversity are not. They are actually inadvertently supporting the continued degradation of women in strict Islamic countries.