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America’s Highest Paid Athlete SLAMS Liberals, It’s Viral


Most athletes and celebrities are very vocal about their opposition to Republican president-elect Donald Trump, and equally vocal about their admiration for President Obama. But not Tiger Woods.

Legendary golfer Tiger Woods is standing up to his bigoted celebrity friends and took time to meet with Trump and give him an incredible compliment.

Woods bragged about his meeting with Trump on his website, saying, “I recently played with President-elect Donald Trump. What most impressed me was how far he hits the ball at 70 years old. He takes a pretty good lash.”

Woods continued, “Our discussion topics were wide-ranging; it was fun. We both enjoyed the bantering, bickering and needling. I also shared my vision for golf and what I’m trying to do.”

Woods added, “We didn’t have a match and played for fun. I was testing drivers and fairway woods, and changed some settings. I think he enjoyed seeing the difference in shots when you experiment. I’ve now had the privilege of playing golf with Mr. Trump.”

How awesome is Woods for standing up for Trump? He is a true patriot.