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BREAKING – Michelle Obama Just Got Diagnosed. Are You Surprised at The Result?


When you think of great first ladies, several incredible women immediately come to mind, but Michelle Obama is in a class all by herself, and it isn’t a good one.

Although Pres. Obama has rubbed many the wrong way in the past, Mrs. Obama’s behavior seems to have been getting worse in recent months. According to Dr. Lauren Wright, this is because Michelle Obama is now in “legacy mode,” and because that legacy is crumbling, she is behaving like an “attack dog,” via Breitbart.

Wright also says that Michelle feels free to say “whatever she feels.” All I have to say is Lord help us all…

Michelle Obama unhinged is not a good thing because even in the best of circumstances, she has said some classless things. Her most recent statements seem to illustrate someone who has become completely devoid of all common sense.

“We feel the difference now,” the first lady told Oprah Winfrey last month. “We’re feeling what not having hope feels like.” Well, she apparently wasn’t talking to a cross-section of the American public who lost their jobs because of her husband’s immense regulations, that is for sure.

People wanted a change, and that is why they voted Donald Trump in as president. “I’m telling you, we have tremendous hope,” Trump said at a rally last month. “And we have tremendous promise and tremendous potential. We are going to be so successful as a country again. We are going to be amazing,”

Lauren Wright expounded on her comments regarding the first lady. “She doesn’t have to worry about the implications [of her remarks] for months to come. This is the time she’s most free to say what she feels, what she believes, and what she wants the message to be for the public.”

Of course, Michelle Obama’s comments are not necessarily going to make her any friends. Dr. Wright noted how in the past three administrations, the first lady has actually been more vocal than even the vice president.

Wright said that Laura Bush gave many more public speeches than Hillary Clinton, but Mrs. Obama has “sort of blown both of them out of the water with a volume of public activities.”

But I do have to admit that the Obamas “building their legacy” is actually a good thing, just as long as they stay away from the Oval Office. They can delude whomever they want because something else is going to be happening.

While they are busy filling their memoirs full of lies, Donald Trump and the rest of us will be busy working on restoring this country to its past greatness. We deserved better, and that’s precisely what we got.