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Breaking: Trump Just Won A Huge Victory Over John Kasich, Kasich Is Humiliated


During the Republican primaries, Ohio Governor John Kasich didn’t have common sense enough to see the writing on the hall that his rival Donald Trump was clearly going to win the Republican Presidential nomination. Instead, Kasich soldiered on, even though he was clearly going to get defeated.

Kasich only ended up winning one state, his home state of Ohio, and was utterly destroyed by Trump. Bitter Kasich still refused to support Trump, and tried to still steal the nomination from Trump during the RNC. Now Trump finally settled the score with Kasich for his aggression for handing him his most severe defeat yet.

Trump decided to stick it to Kasich where it hurts, right in the heart of Ohio. A Trump supporter named Jane Timkin squared off with an incumbent named Matt Borges backed by Trump in a proxy battle to be the head of the Ohio Republican party.

Trump cared so much about this fight that he personally called voters. Said a flattered Greg Simpson of Milford, Ohio, “This is the leader-of-the-free-world-to-be, and you would think of all the appointments that he’s doing and all the people he’s filling his cabinet with and getting ready for the inauguration, why would he take the time out to call me?”

In the end, Trump’s candidate Timkin ended up defeating Kasich’s candidate, in a stinging rebuke to Kasich. Trump raised more than $1 million for Timkin’s efforts. Now Kasich won’t even have a voice in the Republican party in his own state. How much do you love Trump for showing Kasich up?