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MSNBC Goes Into Streets to Ask Voters About Trump, Quickly Find the ‘Witch Hunt’ Isn’t Working


One might think that with media constantly hyping the Trump administration controversies that voters might be disheartened or discouraged with Trump.

MSNBC went out into the street to interview people, thinking that that would be what they would find.

But they got a little surprise.

Voters in North Carolina told them that Democrats needed to let Trump try to enact his agenda, that there were more important things than collusion theories about Russia.

From Biz Pac Review:

“I think this is just part of the witch hunt,” Trump supporter Tim Steele told MSNBC in a segment filmed from North Carolina. “In fact, I saw it came across on the internet that Trump has said this is the biggest witch hunt in history. You know, and I just I don’t think there is anything to the Russian thing.”

Voters just weren’t buying it.

They didn’t see the Russia investigation or the appointment of the special counsel Robert Mueller as significant.

“I just think Trump has to learn,” North Carolina voter Don Schrum told MSNBC about the president’s actions. “Trump’s used to CEO, owner, the board of directors, whatever, trump is used to getting his way when he says it. Washington doesn’t work like that.”

“That’s the bottom line. folks don’t see the Russia investigation or Bob Mueller news as directly impacting their life,” MSNBC Reporter Garrett Haake said about the voters.

And it wasn’t a party thing. Even Democrats weren’t going for this white-hot hysteria.

“Even the democrats frankly said they want to see the president get a little bit of space and a little bit of patience, they still want to see if he can deliver on some of his other promises. this is not issue number one here and certainly not eroded support among trump’s core base.”

But doubtless, liberal media and the rest on the left will continue the pile-on in the hope to shake that support…