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Paul Ryan Scolds President Trump For Speech: He’s Got To “Be Inclusive With People”


Paul Ryan just scolded President Trump for not being ‘inclusive’ enough after hearing his speech. According to Paul Ryan, the president has his ‘heart in the right place’ on race, but he is disturbed by the President’s NFL comments.

“A year ago we talked about race relations in the country and– and you said you hoped candidate — then-candidate Trump would be inclusive. You said, “He’s new at this.” It’s been a year now. How would you rate his ability to bring this country together, which has clearly– an issue–” asked CBS’s John Dickerson.

“Well, like I said on the Charlottesville thing, it was– there were like, three comments. One of them was great, two of them– no, four comments, I think. Two good. Two bad. You know? I think, like you say like I said before, he’s learning. I know his heart’s in the right place,” said Ryan.

“I think what matters is that we have to show people that we are an inclusive society that–that–that we want everyone to succeed. And I think there’s more that all of us as leaders have got to do to be inclusive with people and make people feel like they’re included in society. And I don’t– I think we’ve got a lot– a long ways to go, just as a society and a country for that,” said Ryan.

Ryan went on to defend those who are kneeling for the National Anthem. “We’ve had these police shootings, Ferguson, that has been a national conversation. No two ways about it. We have — we do hearings on this. We– we’ve– I set up a task force last year after the police shootings, bipartisan task force,” said Ryan.