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Marine Captain Makes Pelosi Stutter And Totally Lose It With 1 Simple Question About Gun Control


It is truly sickening how Democrats have been striking while the iron is hot and attempting to push their pet project of restricting American citizens’ gun rights in reaction to the recent deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Thankfully, regular Americans have been stepping up and asserting their constitutional rights. A good example of this occurred when a retired Marine captain and current gun store owner confronted Minority House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with a very basic question during a town hall.

Asked former Marine Captain Dan Hinkson of Virginia, referring to mentally unstable shooter Stephen Paddock, “My question is…someone with that kind of motivation, what new law can we put out there that would stop something like this?” Pelosi was not able to answer this simple question properly, instead putting out a jumble of phrases like that we need to “come together in a bipartisan way.”

She continued, repeating herself, “That is to have background checks, gun violence prevention, background checks, and to have them be effective.” Informing Rep. Pelosi that the United States already performs background checks on prospective gun owners, Hinkson stated simply, “They’re checked.”

Replied Nancy, losing it, “They all get checked. They all get checked. They all get checked. But there are loopholes.” She then tripped over herself talking about bump stocks, saying, “Well, that is something that we should do right away. People were not aware of the bump stock or the bump fire stock, whatever, people call it one thing or another.” Do you think mentally failing Pelosi needs to retire? Watch below, starting at the 5:45 mark: