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CNN’s Ana Navarro Explains How Hating Trump Has Turned Her Into A Black Person


We knew CNN’s Ana Navarro was nuts, but this is just ridiculous. According to Navarro, she is actually an African American because according to her, African Americans don’t like Trump, and she also doesn’t like Trump. This is not a joke.

“ZERO% African-Americans support Trump in polls, I knew I had to be black. Took [Ancestry.com] test. So excited. 4% black! Explains a lot,” she wrote. You know who else conflates race with ideology? The KKK. The KKK and Ana Navarro would get along very well.

Also, clearly saying that 0% of African American’s support Trump is fake news. You just need to find one black person who supports Trump and you can prove she is wrong. Different polls also challenge her claim.

“Trump’s numbers improve significantly among young African American voters, 42% approve and 53% disapprove. This number is up significantly since our last oversample in July; at that time 33% approved and 57% disapproved,” says a poll by Zolby.

Ana Navarro is an outspoken critic against Trump and Republicans. At the same time, Navarro says she is a Republican. This is most likely a ploy to convince viewers that CNN has people from all over the political spectrum. But CNN and Ana Navarro aren’t fooling anyone. Check out her bizarre tweet for yourself below.