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Liberals Attack Conservative Superstar Tomi Lahren With Disgusting Fake News, She Crushes Them For It


Tomi Lahren is a 24 year old, rising conservative superstar. She airs on The Blaze is watched by millions. Liberals absolutely hate her. And to feel good about themselves they spread a fake rumor that she died. The hashtag #RIPTomiLahren was going all around Twitter and people were joking about it.

These people acted like they were upset when they found out that she wasn’t really dead. “I guess 2016 wasn’t so bad after all #RIPTomiLahren” wrote one twitter user. “If she dies we’re throwing a party #RIPtomilahren” wrote another. Aren’t liberals so tolerant and loving? Tomi Lahren responded to these horrible allegations in an awesome way.

“Amazing. Some are so bitter, so bored and so empty they have to ignite a death hoax to feel important. Sorry folks, I’m still very much alive and stronger than ever. It’s moments like this when a fake death hashtag starts trending that I am reminded of just how important my voice is,” wrote Tomi Lahren in a lengthy facebook post.

“See, the Left, the so-called “social justice warriors” are so threatened by fearless voices. They can’t win on their ideas, policies or character traits so they are forced to wish death on their opposition,” wrote Lahren.

Tomi Lahren then shared a personal story of the first time she was confronted in public by a liberal who hated her opinions. She explained how liberals can be cruel even when they pretend to have the moral high ground. “Mark my words, I will never back down. Keep working hard and taking care of business. Defend our country. Protect our communities. Grow and raise our food. I’ll take care of the a-holes. God Bless and take care. #TeamTomi,” finished Lahren. You can read the whole post here.