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Man Claims He Was Kicked Off Flight For Speaking Arabic, There’s One BIG Problem…


The mainstream media obviously doesn’t have a lot of credibility left.

If any.

They completely missed the boat on Trump and haven’t even really acknowledged or apologized for it.

Not only that, they have also been caught pushing fabricated stories of Trump supporters committing hate crimes.

They’ve done it quite a lot

This morning, the media ran with a story about a man being kicked off a plane simply for speaking Arabic to his mother on the phone.

There’s just one big problem with that…

It probably never happened.

From Heat Street:

But Saleh is almost certainly making the whole thing up. Not only is he a YouTube prankster, but he’s a fake prankster. He’s so lazy he doesn’t even bother actually doing pranks—he just completely fabricates them.

Just last week, Saleh staged a prank where he was filmed climbing in a suitcase and claimed to illegally fly in the baggage hold from Melbourne to Sydney. Security tape from the airport showed him boarding the flight like a normal passenger.

He has also staged videos in order to drum up the perception of Islamophobia. In 2014 Saleh and his friends created a fake “racial profiling” video to smear the NYPD.

In the video a cop stops and frisks Saleh and a buddy simply because they were wearing traditional Islamic garb. Turns out the cop was an actor paid by Saleh.

In a statement Delta said the two were kicked off the flight for a “disturbance in the cabin that resulted in more than 20 customers expressing their discomfort.”

Quietly speaking Arabic on the phone does not seem like something that would make 20 passengers feel uncomfortable.

Yeah, doesn’t exactly sound credible to me…

The video seems totally fake the first time you watch it.

Anyone who has ever been on a plane before can see how this story doesn’t make much sense.

But, that won’t stop the mainstream media from pushing the story as an example of how racist America is.