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Ted Cruz Crushes Obama For Being A Race Baiter, It Is Brutal


Ted Cruz called out Obama and the Democrats for always race baiting and accusing people of being racist. Trump’s victory should have taught people that this doesn’t work, however it seems like they are doubling down. Ted Cruz interviewed with Hugh Hewitt and gave a grim prediction.

He said that he expects there to be “some bloody fights over the next several weeks and months” in the Congress as Democrats fight back against Donald Trump’s supreme court nomination.

“I think the biggest reason for that is the Democratic base, the far left, demands it. They demand blood, and so you’re going to see, we’re already seeing the beginnings of it, some nasty accusations, some personal accusations,” said Ted Cruz.

Cruz went on to say that he expects “the Democrats will roll out attacks of racism, because that’s really their one-trick pony.” He makes an excellent point.

“That’s, whenever they don’t like something, they accuse everyone of being a racist, so they’ll do that again. It’ll get ugly, but once they’re done screaming and attacking and throwing personal insults, it’s going to come time for voting, and on the vast majority of the nominations, it’s a 51-vote threshold, and I believe we’re going to confirm President-elect Trump’s cabinet,” said Ted Cruz. Do you think he’s right?