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Trump Breaks Tradition, Makes Inauguration Day Announcement NOBODY Saw Coming…


Donald Trump does things his way.

That’s been well established by now.

As his team plans for the upcoming inauguration, it is clear that Trump is going to do things a little differently than years past.

An announcement was made this week that definitely took some people by surprise.

From The Hill:

President-elect Donald Trump‘s team decided not to call upon the services of the inauguration announcer who has worked every parade for the past 60 years, according to a local Washington station.

Trump is choosing not to use Charles Brotman, 89, to announce his inaugural parade — breaking with decades of tradition that began with Brotman’s first inaugural gig for Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1957.

In the Trump team’s statement detailing parade plans, it recognized Brotman as “the voice of the inaugural parade.”

“Since 1957, millions of Americans and countless entertainers have come to recognize Charlie Brotman as the voice of the inaugural parade,” the statement said. “The Presidential Inaugural Committee will be proud to honor Charlie as Announcer Chairman Emeritus on January 20. We are thrilled for Steve Ray to be introducing a new generation of Americans to the grand traditions of the inaugural parade.”

Ray told The Washington Post he doesn’t see himself as Brotman’s replacement, but as the next announcer in line for the coveted role.

“All of us think of Charlie as as much of the Washington landscape as any building,” Ray said. “I’m on top of the world. From my point of view, I am not filling his shoes, I’m not taking his place, I just happen to be the guy who’s next.”

It’s his inauguration.

The guy can do what he wants.

You can rest assured liberals will be all over him for this one.