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WATCH – Badass Marine Has Enough, RIPS DOWN Anti-Police Art Dems Put Up in Capitol


The supposed “art” display which depicted local heroes as “pigs” is no longer hanging in our Capitol building! One patriotic and determined Marine was not willing to tolerate it.

California  Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter unilaterally removed the photo of the St. Louis riots depicting police officers as pigs from the Capitol Hill pedestrian tunnel.  As previously reported by the Angry Patriot, David Pulphus, of St. Louis, painted the picture and won a high school art contest that was sponsored by Montana Democrat Representative W. Lacy Clay.

“I was angry.  I’ve seen the press [reporting] on this for about a week or so,” Hunter said. “I’m in the Marine Corps. If you want it done, just call us.”

Hunter simply unscrewed the painting form the wall and walked it straight back to Lacy Clay’s office. He did so without fanfare, nor was he looking for attention – but boy did he get some, of the very positive variety.

“We have school kids and they should not being seeing policemen portrayed as pigs… [Capitol Hill] is not the right place for it,” Hunter said, according to the Blue Lives Matter website. The former Marine noted how offended police officers were over the display.

“I just decided enough is enough,” Representative Hunter added. “Lacy can put it back up, I guess, if he wants to … but I’m allowed to take it down.”

The offices of the two Congressman are located very close to each other. Hunter said the removal of the painting was not a personal issue with Clay, he just felt it was the right thing to do. When Hunter returned the painting he reportedly told Clay the image was offending a lot of people and strongly suggested he keep the painting in his own office instead. It is not known if Clay is planning to attempt to rehang the painting.

After the story of the Congressman taking down the offensive painting, a multitude of groups have offered their deepest gratitude for the highly appropriate gesture. More than 27,000 police officers and law enforcement professionals from around the country protested the display of the painting.

The law enforcement community rightly feels the painting depicting police officers as pigs is “reprehensible, repugnant and repulsive.”  Los Angeles Association of Deputy Sheriff’s President Ron Hernandez issue a statement of the painting was removed and said the association is “very pleased.”

“At a time of our country facing rising crime and a shortage of those willing to work the streets as police officers and deputy sheriffs, we need to make it clear that depictions of law enforcement officers as pigs in our Nation’s Capital is not acceptable,” Hernandez added. Thank you Representative Hunter, for both your service to our country and for standing up for local heroes everywhere!